Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Fibrant Liv­ing col­lects no infor­ma­tion about vis­i­tors oth­er than the fol­low­ing.

First, I use Google Ana­lyt­ics for basic infor­ma­tion about vis­i­tors. Google Ana­lyt­ics uses web cook­ies, which gath­er com­plete­ly anony­mous infor­ma­tion about you. If you have cho­sen to block cook­ies in your web brows­er, you won’t miss any con­tent on this site.

Sec­ond, if you leave a com­ment here, you’ll be asked for a name and an email address and giv­en an oppor­tu­ni­ty to leave a link to your web site, if you wish to do so. The name can be a “han­dle” or your real name—that’s com­plete­ly up to you. The web link is just so that I or oth­er read­ers can vis­it your site, which will increase your vis­i­tors.

Spam­mers usu­al­ly leave com­ments with bogus email address­es, so your com­ment is more like­ly to be screened out as spam if you don’t use a real address. Oth­er than noti­fy­ing you of respons­es if you choose that option, I don’t use your email address for any­thing. I won’t put you on any kind of mail­ing list, and I will not ever sell, trade, or oth­er­wise allow any­one access to your infor­ma­tion. I can­not even begin to express how much I loathe spam­mers and scam­mers, but rest assured, they will not ever get any coop­er­a­tion from me.

Tech­ni­cal­ly, the email address­es and names left in com­ments are col­lect­ed in a data­base that lives on a serv­er at my web host. My life part­ner, Sam Chupp, and the tech­ni­cians at the web host are the only oth­er peo­ple who have access to that data­base. The only rea­son any­one at the web host would have for access­ing the data­base would be for trou­bleshoot­ing pur­pos­es. Sam is bound by the same pol­i­cy I’m stat­ing here.

I can’t con­ceive of any sit­u­a­tion in which I would come into any con­fi­den­tial med­ical infor­ma­tion, but should I do so, I will hold it in con­fi­dence and will not release it unless I am required to do so by a legal author­i­ty which has juris­dic­tion in the mat­ter. If the per­son whose infor­ma­tion I am try­ing to pro­tect is able and will­ing to pro­vide me with legal coun­sel, that will increase the fea­si­bil­i­ty of me pro­tect­ing your con­fi­den­tial­i­ty.

Final­ly, Fibrant Liv­ing site will always com­ply with all legal require­ments con­cern­ing med­ical and per­son­al infor­ma­tion pri­va­cy applic­a­ble in Dekalb Coun­ty, Geor­gia, and the Unit­ed States.

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