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ME and FMS">Responses to various comments about ME and FMS

Some of the com­ments are pret­ty old by now, but there are cer­tain themes that come back, over and over again. I’ve decid­ed to answer them once, and that’s it. ME and FMS are not “lifestyle” dis­eases. Researchers have found genet­ic, neu­ro­log­i­cal and car­di­o­log­i­cal anom­alies, so get off that blame-the-vic­­tim bull­shit. We know bet­ter. We’ve […]

January 23, 2008 · cyn · 8 Comments
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FMS/chronic illness blogs/casts?">Other FMS/chronic illness blogs/casts?

I’ll record episode 3 as soon as my sound tech (aka Sam, my part­ner) is avail­able. Right now, though, I’m in the mood to plump up my blogroll. Sug­gest oth­er blogs and pod­casts about fibromyal­gia, chron­ic fatigue, or chron­ic ill­ness, please! What are your favorites? Do you have one your­self? Tell me about it!

June 4, 2006 · cyn · No Comments
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My Apologies

I must apol­o­gize for my absence here and the lack of a pod­cast last week! I’ve just got­ten home from a brief hos­pi­tal stay, and I didn’t have inter­net access there. I have plen­ty of mate­r­i­al to cov­er, although it won’t be on the planned top­ic. Stay tuned!

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Registration not needed

I’ve removed the require­ment for peo­ple to reg­is­ter before com­ment­ing. I’ll trust Akismet to catch any com­ment spam.

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What does “Fibrant” mean?

It’s a word that I made up, com­bin­ing “vibrant” and “fibromyal­gia.” A fibrant life is one that is well-round­ed, bal­anced, as healthy as pos­si­ble, and has more joy than pain in it. The goal of this blog and pod­cast is to spread fibran­cy and to sup­port each oth­er in main­tain­ing our fibrant lives. I hope […]

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