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Did any­one else see this at Post­Se­cret today?


I was made aware of it by a post to .1 Reac­tions there are fair­ly neg­a­tive, because so many of us have had bad expe­ri­ences with peo­ple who think we’re malin­ger­ing.

I have mixed feel­ings, though. I don’t exact­ly share the sen­ti­ments expressed in the piece, but I do think it’s good art. I can relate to feel­ing like pain has been my entire life. It’s famil­iar. I can’t remem­ber any­thing else, hon­est­ly.

I don’t think I’m “scared to feel bet­ter,” though, because I real­ly resent the pain, the fatigue, and espe­cial­ly the brain fog. I’ve tried every treat­ment to which I’ve been able to get access, with­out much relief. Pain man­age­ment is all that helps in any way now.

I have, how­ev­er, got­ten very anx­ious about try­ing many things. Too many falls, fol­lowed by increased pain and dis­abil­i­ty, have made me incred­i­bly cau­tious. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I know that leads to more loss of mus­cle mass and endurance. I’m work­ing on get­ting past it. Know­ing is half the bat­tle, right?

Talk to me. What do you think about the art­work?

1 I can’t read Post­Se­cret reg­u­lar­ly. It’s too fas­ci­nat­ing, and a big time sink!

March 23, 2008 · cyn · 3 Comments
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3 Responses

  1. chronic chick - March 23, 2008

    Thanks for shar­ing this. To me its a major slap in the face to many of us who suf­fer in pain and deal with the many affects of chron­ic ill­ness.

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  3. Hope - March 24, 2008

    On the one hand, it adds fuel to the malin­ger­ing fire. On the oth­er hand, some peo­ple real­ly do take a cer­tain com­fort in their symp­toms. I think this piece real­ly works because it’s at Post­Se­cret — the artist can claim the feel­ing, with­out direct­ly draw­ing fire.