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Technical difficulties

We’re hav­ing some prob­lems with our record­ing equip­ment, but we’re work­ing to over­come them and get a new pod­cast out soon! Namaste, Cyn

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The glory of pain management

I’ve been almost afraid to talk about it, but last week my pain man­age­ment doc­tor pre­scribed break­through pain med­ica­tion for the first time. I’ve been leery of tak­ing it too often, so I’m tak­ing it once every few days instead of once a day as direct­ed. Mir­a­cle of mir­a­cles, though: all the pain except for […]

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Sunrise Over the Huangshan Mountains

© Super­Stock, Inc.

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Daily encouragement and a challenge!

Every morn­ing, no mat­ter what else my email brings, I know there’ll be an uplift­ing mes­sage from Brook Noel. I’m hon­est­ly not a big fan of most gener­ic affir­ma­tions or inspi­ra­tional newslet­ters, but some­how Brook’s dai­ly Good Morn­ings don’t annoy me. They avoid glurge, and I fre­quent­ly add her quotes and affir­ma­tions to my Pop­Up […]

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