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Dyspareunia — painful sex

Dys­pare­u­nia is one of the com­mon symp­toms of fibromyal­gia, or as a co-exist­ing prob­lem. I don’t usu­al­ly look at Wired for this kind of thing, but the arti­cle When Sex Is a Pain has some good ideas for deal­ing with dys­pare­u­nia.

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Registration not needed

I’ve removed the require­ment for peo­ple to reg­is­ter before com­ment­ing. I’ll trust Akismet to catch any com­ment spam.

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Episode 2

Episode 2 This week we talked about dis­trac­tions, del­e­gat­ing, and defin­ing your­self. I rec­om­mend­ed Full Cat­a­stro­phe Liv­ing: Using the Wis­dom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Ill­ness by Jon Kabat-Zinn as a good intro­duc­tion to mind­ful­ness, espe­cial­ly as a way to deal with chron­ic ill­ness. I also ref­er­enced Dr. Irene Tracy’s […]

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I’ve post­ed about online resources, as well as men­tion­ing some peri­od­i­cals that are good offline resources. Now I want to share some of the books I rec­om­mend to oth­ers who are learn­ing more about fibromyal­gia. The First Year : Fibromyal­gia — A Patient-Expert Guide for the New­ly Diag­nosed by Clau­dia Craig Marek is exact­ly what […]

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The neurology of chronic pain

My Pain, My Brain by Melanie Thern­strom gives us a look at a study being done at Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty. Sub­jects view an area of the brain that is involved in the per­cep­tion of pain via a func­tion­al mag­net­ic res­o­nance imag­ing (fMRI) machine, and under­go train­ing sim­i­lar to biofeed­back in which they prac­tice direct­ly con­trol­ling that […]

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Comments — yes, please!

Juliann, of the It Won’t Kill You and Sick and Tired pod­casts, kind­ly let me know that my theme is miss­ing some­thing real­ly impor­tant: the link so you can reg­is­ter to com­ment. I’ve fixed that major over­sight now, and absolute­ly DO want your com­ments! Reg­is­tra­tion just takes a few min­utes, and is only required to […]

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Does the weather affect how you feel?

Check the Aches and Pains Weath­er Index from The Weath­er Chan­nel. Thanks to Hol­ly Reynolds and Clau­dia Wend­landt of Chron­ic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Orga­ni­za­tion of Geor­gia for the tip!

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Online Resources — Fibrom-L

I men­tioned in the first pod­cast that I fol­low numer­ous online resources. As there’s no way I could list all of them in one post, I’ll just menion one at a time in case they’re inter­est­ing to oth­ers, too. I’ll col­lect the links here, so you can always go back to find them all togeth­er, […]

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Related podcasts

There are two oth­er pod­casts that I know of for “fibromites,” as one group calls peo­ple with fibromyal­gia. Bet­sy Singh-Anand is a nurse, and her med­ical back­ground is reflect­ed in her pod­cast Fibromyal­gia Week­ly. Her feed hasn’t been updat­ed since March, but I hope she’ll be able to change that before too long. I encour­age […]

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Fibrant Living Podcast #1

In hon­or of FMS/CFS Aware­ness Day 2006, here’s the very first Fibrant Liv­ing pod­cast! Fibrant Liv­ing Pod­cast #1 This is my first episode, and here are some links you may want to fol­low after lis­ten­ing to the show. Fibro­mayl­gia Aware Fibromyal­gia Net­work News Fibromyal­gia Fron­tiers Arthri­tis Today What are the bio­log­i­cal effects of acute stress? […]

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